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Quality Management

The Quality Management Unit at Community Behavioral Health (CBH) operates in coordination with the other arms of the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH). DBH/CBH defines, evaluates and reviews all aspects of the delivery of behavioral health services to each individual covered under HealthChoices for Philadelphia County. The goal of DBH/CBH is to insure that appropriate treatment options are provided to clients in a culturally sensitive, quality-driven and supportive environment.

The Quality Review Unit functions within the Provider Operations Department so that all aspects of the contracted agency operations are linked to a continuous quality improvement process. The Quality Review Unit provides educational outreach to participating providers, and works to assure that participating providers, specialized practitioners and clients are informed about all quality of care and quality of service standards. DBH/CBH requires that providers develop internal quality improvement processes that enhance and support the quality of care delivered. The Quality Review Unit works closely with other DBH/CBH departments to monitor the service delivery of providers.

The Quality Review unit is responsible for monitoring the:

  • Complaint Process
  • Grievance Process
  • Quality Response Team (QRT)
  • Significant Incident Reports
  • Quality Concerns
  • Clinical Appeals