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Binary Options Trading

Banc de Binary :

Get a 100% Bonus AND Instantly Double Your Balance

Action speaks louder than words, so we’re going to back our words up by giving you a FREE 100% Bonus on your 1st Deposit. That means, dollar-for-dollar, the minute you deposit with Banc de Binary you instantly double your trading power.

This isn’t a 25% Bonus and it’s not a 50% Bonus either. No, this is 100% in FREE Bonus Funds. That means you can trade over 90 products – from currencies to indices, commodities and stocks – and use free extra funds to try earning from movement in the market. Like all investments, trading in Binary Options involves a certain risk-of-loss, that’s why having that extra 100% in FREE funds provides you with both the ability to trade more, and earn more if you trade right.


binary-options-tradingWith a dollar-for-dollar Free Bonus, when you start trading with Banc de Binary if you choose to place your money on shares in Apple, instead of starting off with only what you deposited, you can start off with all of what you deposited, and then another 100% in Free funds. That’s just one example, but with the FREE 100% Bonus you can trade whatever you like, whenever you like, and benefit from double the trading power; or, alternatively, with double the amount in your balance you can diversify your strategy, trading anything from currencies to indices, commodities (such as oil or gold) or any one of all the products Bank de Binary offers.

Earn a Payout of up to 500%

If you take advantage of Banc de Binary’s FREE 100% Bonus and use the One Touch Trading platform which offers a payout of up to 500% if the asset value reaches a set level, you’re looking at a chance to earn major profits – and double it with your dollar-for-dollar Bonus – within a matter of seconds. That’s why this limited time Bonus is one you shouldn’t miss out on, because there aren’t many opportunities in life where the minute you place a deposit, your balance instantly double. So choose Banc de Binary and Get Your FREE 100% Bonus Now!