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Betting laws in Canada

Betting laws in Canada – Is it legal to bet online in Canada

Canada_betting-flagAlmost every single country in the world has been turning their attention to online betting and online gambling in recent years, and whilst residents of most countries have no problems placing sports betting wagers online, some, due to recent government legislation now face all manner of hurdles in their way when they wish to place a bet online.

In Canada the government there have been looking at ways of regulating the online betting industry and recently the proposed Bill C-290 which was an attempt to legalize, or at least put some form of legal structure together so that resident and citizens of Canada know where they stand in regards to where they can be and wager online, however much like all pieces of proposes government legalization regarding online betting this has been sidelined and is not going to be looked at in any details until the Canadian government returns from their summer recess!

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Even when the government returns at the end of their summer break this proposed piece of legislation is likely to be a topic of debate for many months if not years, and as such this may leave you, more so if you live or reside in Canada wondering is it legal to be online if you fancy any form of sports wager.

Well, it is true to say that there has and probably always will be a large number of online sports betting sites offering their services to Canada residents and citizens, and as such you should have no problems putting on a sports wager should you have the urge to bet on the horses, soccer matches, golf tournaments or any of the hundreds of different sporting events that are taking place all over the world at any one time.

However the most savvy of Canadian online sports bettor is going to put in place some form of checklist when they are selecting just which betting site they use, for there are both good, bad and ugly betting sites available, and if you do not do your research and vet each betting site you are thinking of placing a wager at you could find yourself being taken for a ride!

So let us now tell you just what you should be looking out for when selecting a new sports betting site at which to wager at, in the hope that you will not find yourself becoming one of the many online sports bettors that get ripped off by one of the many unlicensed, unregulated or poorly run online betting sites that sadly can be found all over the web today.

Top of the list of qualities that any online sports betting site should be offering you is that the site in question should be licensed and regulated, and you need to keep in mind that many licensing jurisdiction that license such online betting sites are not really licensing authorities, they simply hand out gaming licenses to anyone who can pay their fees, irrespective of whether that site is operated to a strict code of conduct or not!

So when you are looking around for a sports betting site keep your eyes peeled for betting sites who hold a gaming license in one of the respected licensing jurisdictions such as the UK, Gibraltar or Malta to name a few, these licensing authorities have teeth and when a betting site is licensed by any of them you will be in safe hands.

One final thing to look out for when you wish to bet online is that the betting site where you are thinking of betting at must have a very easy to use betting interface and one that is updated in real time, for by checking they do you are always going to benefit from up to the minute odds.